Unsure what you are looking at, or what you will receive? Then buy samples, prior to bulk purchase.

This way you know exactly what you will receive before outlaying on bulk buys and get stuck with a large amount of Refuse Sacks that you may never use.

There are common mistakes people make when buying Refuse Sacks:

"I don't think the bags you sent are 200 gauge as they are not as thick as the last box I bought elsewhere" - The gauge is not the thickness of your bag. If you are looking for a thicker bag look at sacks with a higher Micron. It will save you time and money. Hope this helps!! 


Micron (Mu) = measurement of the thickness of any material measured in one thousand of a millimeter

Gauge = This is a simplified unit for identifying the thickness of film or material in a similar way that electrical wire is gauged.

The gauge of a refuse sack is proportionately 4 times the micron

E.g. 120 gauge bag will be 30 mu

'market view' introduces a higher gauge to make allowances for tensile strengtheners used in the film blend



Simply choose from the drop down list the bag or bags you wish to trial and we will send you them to..

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